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13 December

9:11 PM - Celebrity Rosanna Arquette commented by DJNY69
I LOVE her!

9:03 PM - Clip Glori-Anne Gilbert Nude in Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood commented by developer

9:00 PM - Celebrity Rebekka Armstrong commented by DJNY69
For those who don't know it, (IF this IS the same Rebekka Armstrong) she was a very pretty Playboy Playmate of the month back in the mid 1980's who contracted (GOT) HIV/AIDS from a needle using Bi-sexual junkie boyfriend, she left fame and fortune behind to go around the USA and speak to school kids about the dangers of unprotected sex.

8:56 PM - Celebrity Christina Applegate commented by DJNY69
Yes Jan1969, it was not a secret that she had breast cancer a couple of years ago, she found out when she was "acting" in some awful Broadway play that she had to leave, she had her small boobs removed and went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments for a few months and because she is rich she survived, than she came out of the closet and claimed she is a "happy jewish lesbian". almost EVERYONE from "Married with Children" IS gay or lesbo! Ed O'Neil=Al Bundy came out a few years ago and stated he is gay and that's mostly why his marriage failed!, Amanda Bearse=Marcy D'Arcy is a lesbian, David Faustino=Bud Bundy (no surprise there) is an admitted gay, Ted McGinley=Jefferson D'Arcy came out about a year ago and claimed he is also gay! Hollywood either turns 'em gay or is so accepting of gays that they all flock there! lol

8:54 PM - Appearance Naked Glori-Anne Gilbert in Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood commented by celebfapper08

8:54 PM - Appearance Naked Glori-Anne Gilbert in Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood commented by celebfapper08
cool ))

8:52 PM - Clip Glori-Anne Gilbert Nude in Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood commented by celebfapper08
cool )

8:39 PM - Celebrity Fiona Apple commented by DJNY69
She was cute in the 1990's but her awful music sucked ass!

8:34 PM - Celebrity Ann-Margret commented by DJNY69
She is one of the worlds most beautiful women of all time! She really was exceptionally gorgeous!

8:33 PM - Celebrity Erin Andrews commented by DJNY69
She is so fucking UGLY!

8:32 PM - Celebrity Jennifer Aniston commented by DJNY69
She's a horseface and she cant act! All her TV shows and movies suck ass!

8:29 PM - Celebrity Pamela Anderson commented by DJNY69
The poster child/whore for cosmetic/plastic surgery and retarded looking fake boobs. Being fake and having NO talent is the hollywood way! Have ANY of you desperados ever seen what she looked like BEFORE she bought all the "work" that she has had done to herself? And now she's a washed up old Hep-C hag that looks like she's 70 years old! HA!

8:24 PM - Celebrity Melissa Sue Anderson commented by DJNY69
Correction, I think it was Melody Anderson in that Chuck Norris film!, sorry about that! lol

8:21 PM - Celebrity Melody Anderson commented by DJNY69
She was so gorgeous!

8:20 PM - Celebrity Melissa Sue Anderson commented by DJNY69
I never cared for that Little house TV show, too fucking gay for MY tatste but she was so gorgeous and did a few good films after that! Such beautiful eyes! I loved her in the Nuns habit in that god awful 80's Chuck Norris/Lou Gossett movie, the title of which escapes me at the moment!

8:16 PM - Celebrity Natalie Amenula commented by DJNY69
Eww! Can you say UGLY MOOSEFACE!

8:15 PM - Celebrity Loni Anderson commented by DJNY69
Sorry but she was mad UGLY way back in the 1970's! I'm sure she's either ridiculously plastic nowadays or dead! She hasn't worked since Burt Reynolds tore it up and dumped it like yesterdays trash in the mid 1980's!

8:13 PM - Celebrity Eva Amurri commented by DJNY69
Nice body, especially the big fake tits, too bad she has an ugly fucking assface just like her ugly old hag mom (Susan Saranwrap!)

8:12 PM - Celebrity Gillian Anderson commented by DJNY69
I liked the X-Files TV show but I still think she is ugly!

8:10 PM - Celebrity Karen Alyx commented by DJNY69
EWWWWW! Really? Does ANYONE really wanna see this ugly dyke turd naked? YUK!

8:08 PM - Celebrity Jamie Anne Allman commented by DJNY69
She was great in "Joe Mays"

8:07 PM - Celebrity Valerie Allain commented by DJNY69
She is/was the sexiest and most beautiful woman ever to appear on US television!

8:01 PM - Celebrity Kirstie Alley commented by DJNY69
I'd PAY the fat ugly bitch to keep her clothes ON! lol

8:00 PM - Celebrity Lori Alter commented by DJNY69
That IS a GUY, isn't it? Ewww! if it ain't than that IS one ugly fuckin beast!

7:59 PM - Celebrity Nancy Allen commented by DJNY69
Cute in "Carrie", Hot in "Blowout", looked old by the time she was in "Robocop" (the first one), Nice ass, but she had weird little tits!

7:56 PM - Celebrity Maria Conchita Alonso commented by DJNY69
She USED To be so gorgeous but than had too much plastic surgery and now looks old and fake and ridiculous!

7:54 PM - Celebrity Malin Akerman commented by DJNY69
She's hot and has been in some decent films!

7:53 PM - Celebrity Jaimie Alexander commented by DJNY69
Too much bad work was done on her face! It makes her look evil and sharp enough to slice a roast on!

7:50 PM - Celebrity Jenny Agutter commented by DJNY69
I fell madly in LOVE with her in "Walkabout" and that was solidifyed when she was in "Logans Run" and "Equius"! Don't care how old she is, she is still NATURALLY gorgeous and she can act!, Much unlike todays wannabe skanks who are ugly, plastic and cant act for shit!!

7:48 PM - Celebrity Christina Aguilera commented by DJNY69
Ugly, Fake, Plastic, and a phony bitch who CANT write her own terrible songs! She sucks!

7:46 PM - Celebrity Joey Lauren Adams commented by DJNY69
Ugly, Flat chested, Annoying voice, Terrible actress!

7:45 PM - Celebrity Pamela Adlon commented by DJNY69
Something about this lil jewess is kinda hot! Love her 'tude on Kalifornication! lol

7:43 PM - Celebrity Amy Adams commented by DJNY69
She was pretty before having too much plastic surgery! Now she just looks so fake and airbrushed all the time!

7:41 PM - Celebrity Daniela Zuccoli commented by DJNY69
Is this really just an ugly transvestite that had way too much plastic surgery that apparently and obviously backfired? YUK!

7:40 PM - Celebrity Natalie Portman commented by DJNY69
All the recent plastic surgery has taken away her cuteness and made her look old and she's still flat chested!

7:24 PM - Celebrity Kim Kardashian West commented by DJNY69
Such a disgusting plastic useless talentless waste of life pig!

6:49 PM - Clip Livia Russo Nude in I mavri Emmanouella commented by laszlokok
mmmmmmmm hot young body

5:37 PM - Clip Irina Alfyorova Nude in The Trap commented by developer
test message!

5:25 PM - Appearance Naked Alexandra Neldel in Der letzte Lude commented by PhysicsWanker
Just incredible... especially for germans like me :D

12:11 PM - Movie/TV Show Blind Side commented by jakeshell
Hot movie!