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Hitchcock Jun 8, 2018 | 0

My uploads which are still pending:<br> 11/3/17 Vincent & Theo 1990-Wijngaarden, Unknown<br> 12/12/17 Ich schlafe mit meinem Mörder 1970-Vendell<br> 1/30/18 Guilty of Romance 2011-Kagurazaka, Mizuno<br> 2/16/18 Becket 1964-Vendell<br> 2/17/18 Villains 1972-Sands<br> 2/17/18 Budgie-Sands<br> 2/28/18 Diary of a Nudist 1961-Bamford, Marko, Unknown<br> 2/28/18 Lullaby of Bareland 1964-Howe, Stinger<br> 2/28/18 Strange Rampage 1967-Howe<br> 2/28/18 Ann Howe LP<br> 2/28/18 Maria Stinger LP<br> 3/2/18 Blaze Starr Goes Nudist 1962-Starr<br> 3/4/18 Il merlo maschio 1971-Antonelli<br> 3/27/18 Dagmar (German model) Live Post<br> 4/20/18 Midlife Crisis 2010-Sawatzki<br> 5/4/18 Blood Sabbath 1972-Unknown<br> 5/5/18 Five Savage Men 1970-Carey<br> 5/17/18 La morte non ha sesso 1968-Paluzzi<br> 6/2/18 Strip Nude for Your Killer 1975-Fenech, Unknown<br> 6/5/18 Harper Valley 1981-Eden<br> 6/6/18 Her Crime Was Love 1955-Litto<br> 6/6/18 Pot-Bouille 1957-Vita<br> 6/6/18 La Petite vertu 1968-Carrel<br> 6/6/18 The Hands of Orlac 1960-Carrel<br> 6/6/18 Trouble Among Widows 1964-Carrel<br> 6/6/18 La Prisonnière 1968-Carrel<br> 6/6/18 Dédé 1935-Darrieux

Hitchcock Sep 14, 2018 | 0

No longer pending: 2/28/18 Strange Rampage 1967-Howe; 6/6/18 Dédé 1935-Darrieux. My uploads still pending continued: 6/9 La nuit des traquées 1980-Delage, Journet, Unknown; 6/10 La nuit des traquées 1980-Greiner; 6/29 Le malizie di Venere 1969-Antonelli; 7/9 Desiring Julia 1985-Grandi; 7/9 The Singing Detective-McKenzie; 7/12 Gunn 1967-Jackson; 7/21 The Singing Detective-Steadman; 7/25 Rolling Stones: Doom and Gloom 2012-Rapace; 7/25 Cloud Atlas 2012-Bae; 7/25 Life of Brian 1979-Jones-Davies; 7/25 Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978-Adams; 7/25 Farewell, My Queen 2012-Ledoyen, Seydoux; 7/25 Comics-Fairley; 7/25 Blowup 1966-Birkin, Hills, Redgrave; 7/27 Do Me Love 2009-Armanger; 7/28 Do Me Love 2009-Maes; 7/28 Le tronc 1993-Chaduteau; 7/28 Myster Mocky presente-Hennerez, Dombasle; 8/25 The Pit and the Pendulum 1991-De Ricci; 9/8 Fast Walking 1981-Eaton; 9/8 Guru in Seven 1998-Pearce; 9/9 En Cas de Malheur 1958-Bardot; 9/13 Strangers with Candy-Dalton, Gisser; I'd like for the Armanger appearance in Do Me Love to be approved (ditto the two for The Singing Detective tv show) since I still have a few more videos on my computer to upload for those appearances.