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FistFuckFamilyCBT offline

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About: I’m the type of bloke that enjoys extreme/ heavy music - grindcore, goregrind, noisegrind, cybergrind, powerviolence, noise rock, mathcore/ math rock, hardcore punk (including metallic hardcore AKA metalcore), trap metal, nu metal, industrial, brutal/ slam death metal (still like it more than melodic death and technical death) etc. I’m too fucking picky on stuff like black metal, folk/ Celtic metal and power metal. My username is named after Fist Fuck Family by the German pornogoregrind band Cock And Ball Torture. I’m the type of guy who is straight as a ruler, in terms of sexuality. I love the female form very much because y’know, the female form is definitely mesmerising, big time. Boobs, boobs, boobs...






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JoaquinaSoolo Apr 22, 2021 | -2

Hi Boy, ✅✅ I feel so boring today If u wanna fu︆︆ck ✅✅me tonight just vi︆︆sit my pr︆︆ofile!❤❤ ==>> b︆︆i︆︆t.︆︆do/fMqoA

FistFuckFamilyCBT Apr 27, 2021 | -5

What? Nah, no thanks. I’ll not even fucking bother to visit your profile. GTFOH...

DooM Oct 26, 2020 | -5

Do you have Cindy Clark content? are you on her patreon?

FistFuckFamilyCBT Oct 29, 2020 | -7

I know you previously private messaged me quite some time ago but no, I’m not on her Patreon, although I have saved some nude pics of her on my phone that I found on Google images.

FistFuckFamilyCBT Jan 30, 2020 | -12

I managed to have a go at changing my profile pic there now to avoid confusion with that stupid fucking duplicate profile, as I didn’t make that duplicate profile, as that was some other dipshit who fucking did that shite... I sadly can’t really change the username but the profile pic only...

FistFuckFamilyCBT Nov 27, 2019 | -11

Hahahaha... I’ve got 1,666 comments... and this is my 1667th comment...