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08 December

8:37 PM - Celebrity Sarah Smith commented by comicbookguy
Good body! Redheads always get my attention

6:34 PM - Celebrity Claudia Udy commented by comicbookguy
In some of these pics her boobs look fake. In the ones they look real, their great! Nice pussy!

4:48 PM - Live Naked Anaïs Jeanneret commented by kvjs1986
Ahh love her delicious nude figure....

4:27 PM - Celebrity Prunella commented by mochilas
She is not PRUNELLA RANSOME, she ei a different actress, IMdb is wrong.

1:42 PM - Clip Chantelle Nude in Naked Attraction commented by cento
Thank you.

11:04 AM - Question Points? commented by Hitchcock
Like Whose Line Is It Anyway? the points don't really matter other than to show who is contributing the most. If that's really all they're for they should just get rid of the points and rank users by total number of edits, total number of clips/pics uploaded, etc.

10:59 AM - Question Duplicate pages commented by Hitchcock
Noting it in the Log Message seems to work best though not always (see Cheryl Smith and Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith). Several months ago posting a comment pointing it out and noting which page it is a duplicate of usually worked, but not of late. Moving appearances from one page to another sometimes works, but not always (see Married with Children and Married... with Children).

9:58 AM - Celebrity Xuxa Meneghel commented by BanePendragon
Just for reference, the boy, in the film, supposed to be 12. In real life, about 12. So, yeah, he was definitely underage. Maybe in the 80s the laws on consent were more lax than they are now.

9:55 AM - Celebrity Xuxa Meneghel commented by BanePendragon
Apparently 14.

8:17 AM - Celebrity Lora Staley commented by comicbookguy
Nice little boobs!

8:11 AM - Celebrity Helene Udy commented by comicbookguy
Great pale skin and nice boobs!

5:01 AM - Clip Alessandra Ambrosio Nude in Into The Best Light commented by Buxtro
Alessandra is only 36 years old as of 2017, she will be 37 April 11th 2018 so this information is wrong on this video...

3:13 AM - Appearance Naked Elisha Imani Wilson in Games People Play: New York commented by comicbookguy
Good side-boob!

1:07 AM - Live Naked Rene Russo commented by comicbookguy
Spectacular tits!

07 December

10:20 PM - Celebrity Emily Browning commented by Davmicy

4:25 PM - Celebrity Abbie Cornish commented by crazydino

4:14 PM - Celebrity Camila Cabello commented by GT360
great ass

1:57 PM - Live Naked AnnaSophia Robb commented by jossjoss
tellement bonne

1:56 PM - Celebrity AnnaSophia Robb commented by jossjoss
mon fantasme

7:00 AM - Celebrity Guinevere Turner commented by comicbookguy
Nice pierced nips!

6:57 AM - Celebrity Jessica Chastain commented by comicbookguy
Great pale skin and red hair. I like her tits better when they were smaller

6:28 AM - Celebrity Mari-Ange Ramirez commented by comicbookguy
Great eyes and pointy tits!

06 December

1:00 PM - Question Upload down? commented by Mkone
Im glad we get responses here. I still cant upload all the clips i want

9:46 AM - Live Naked Zerrin Egeliler commented by mg12
Great Body

9:45 AM - Celebrity Zerrin Egeliler commented by mg12
Please need all her movies

9:45 AM - Celebrity Zerrin Egeliler commented by mg12
ZERRIN EGELILER is the most and best actress in Softcore Evem

1:27 AM - Movie/TV Show Workin' Moms commented by FistFuckFamilyCBT
It would be funny AF if this TV Show was called “Workin’ MILFs”... PMSL...

1:25 AM - Celebrity Catherine Reitman commented by FistFuckFamilyCBT
She’s a pretty strange looking woman but it’s still pretty fucking lethal how she has showed off her tits... and the fact that she’s Jason Reitman’s sister (Jason and Catherine’s dad is Ivan Reitman).

05 December

9:27 PM - Celebrity Nicole Roderick commented by comicbookguy
Really nice body!

6:36 AM - Celebrity Misty Stone commented by comicbookguy
Love her sweet micro-boobs!!!!

5:35 AM - Celebrity Ines Pellegrini commented by comicbookguy
Her face is kinda rough (would be better with long hair...) I do like her micro-boobs!

5:22 AM - Appearance Naked Ese Brume in Naturellement commented by comicbookguy
Nice pointy nips!

5:20 AM - Celebrity Malgorzata Ostrowska commented by comicbookguy
Nice little tits

5:16 AM - Celebrity Angel commented by comicbookguy
Nice nips!

5:13 AM - Celebrity Paulina Mlynarska commented by comicbookguy
Really nice! Fantastic body!

3:56 AM - Celebrity Justyna Wasilewska commented by comicbookguy
Stunning pale skin and great body!

2:25 AM - Appearance Naked Eva Lebuef in Wszystkie Nieprzespane Noce commented by comicbookguy
Every inch of her is gorgeous!

2:09 AM - Appearance Naked Agnieszka Wojcik in Porno commented by comicbookguy
Good micro-boobs!

2:01 AM - Live Naked Magdalena Frackowiak commented by comicbookguy
Awesome pics here! Pretty girl with nice boobs and fantastic pussy!

1:28 AM - Appearance Naked Jolanta Fraszynska in Pora na czarownice commented by comicbookguy
Nice Little body with good micro-boobs!