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03 July

11:53 PM - Appearance Naked Kate Hudson in 2017 leak commented by Jamielee31
Love how natural she is...bangin ass,cute ass little boobies and she's a Denver Broncos fan like me to top it off....not just any woman can rock the nice ass/ample tits combo like kate🔥🔥🔥🔥

11:47 PM - Appearance Naked Kaitlyn Dever in 2017 leak commented by Jamielee31
That hip,thigh and ass ratio tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥 she's easily one of the sexiest and most beautiful women in Hollywood 😍

10:27 PM - Celebrity Melissa Bolona commented by al112
Yeah she's pretty hot but I think on "Billy Boy" she used a stunt double from behind, it wasn't her I'm afraid.

1:15 PM - Celebrity Taissa Farmiga commented by BanePendragon
Okay, when you start something of with "firstly", or "first off", or any derivative thereof, you should follow it with at least, at the minimum, a "secondly", or again, any derivative thereof. As to your complaint about the site, for sure, it's not a perfect site. It, however, doesn't rightly need a "categories of nudity" added to it. While it does say at the top of the pages, "Nude Appearances", which can be a little misleading, if you look at the actual appearances, you will see if there is, or isn't, nudity in them. To be fair to you, it should simply say "Appearances" there, because it is slightly more accurate. If you adjust your gaze slightly to the right while scrolling though, you will notice the area with "Like This Celebrity?" at the top. In there you can find the "Keywords" section, it usually contains the indicators of whether a celebrity has been nude or not: No Nudity/Brief Nudity/Hall Of Fame Nudity/Has Shown Bush. If those aren't there, odds are that they usually haven't been seen nude, at least outside of those closest to them. As for your complaint saying that this was supposed to be Olivia Wilde, that is not the fault of the site, that's the fault of whomever provided you the link, or the site on which you found that link. Before clicking on the link you would have seen though that it wasn't for Olivia Wilde, that it was for Taissa Farmiga. It's in the web address. So no, not shame on the site, shame on you. Also, while there is a listing for the "Leaked" pictures, under "iCloud Leak Scandal", that's not listed here as an appearance for Taissa. Nor is it on Olivias page. While there are probably a lot of pictures within the various celeb appearances on the "Leak" pages that are from various other media, as opposed to "leaked", they are there because of the morons who upload them into there. The site admins don't upload the pictures and clips, it's all done by users. If you see something that you think shouldn't be there, make a nice comment about how you think it should not be there, and someone who can, will remove it if they agree with you. Okay?

4:54 AM - Celebrity Taissa Farmiga commented by T_Oaks
You seem to be new to this website. Before going off on some tangent, it would only be fair to take the time to learn, and understand what the various "classifications" or terminology means. Of course there are some flaws here and there. Nobody is perfect. You should also keep in mind that there is no payment required to access this site. Even better, there are no pop-up ads slapping you in the face everytime you select a celebrity to view. If you take all this into consideration, perhaps you should be a little less judgmental. Is your website better than this one? If so I would be happy to take a look. Please post the address so everyone here can see what "perfection" looks like.

02 July

8:43 PM - Celebrity Sasa Kastoura commented by kto12

5:41 PM - Celebrity Brianna Hildebrand commented by Msantos
02 July 2018: Adding photos from a Vanity Fair Italy lingerie shoot and some others. It's around the third time I'm uploading these same pics, like usual, but for some reason a lot of bullshit get approved, but most relevant shit i upload, don't.

1:54 PM - Appearance Naked Brooke Shields in Bob the Butler commented by phprazor
To small pics .... not useful.

11:08 AM - Celebrity Lilli Carati commented by markandys
So unfortunate that she had to do porn because of drug addiction.

7:43 AM - Celebrity Anna Przybylska commented by markandys
Rest in Peace Anna Przybylska.

2:13 AM - Appearance Naked Julieta Zylberberg in Edha commented by caperucita
No es Julieta Zylberberg

1:05 AM - Celebrity Melissa Bolona commented by Rockout1995
Man, I want to fuck her so bad.

12:55 AM - Live Naked Eva Biechy commented by comicbookguy
Very nice! Perfect body!

12:49 AM - Celebrity Eva Jenícková commented by comicbookguy
Fantastic tits! Love how she lets her nips get pinched and pulled in Borgia

12:41 AM - Celebrity Elsa Madeleine commented by comicbookguy
Hair is too short, but nice body!

12:23 AM - Appearance Naked Joey House in Diary of a Sex Addict commented by comicbookguy
Decent boobs, but I don't really like her face (collagen lips! YIKES!)

12:21 AM - Appearance Naked Alberta Watson in The Sweet Hereafter commented by comicbookguy
Another ugly woman with excellent tits

01 July

9:18 PM - Celebrity Katja Herbers commented by hannes791
Her breasts are real (and not fake)

8:34 PM - Appearance Naked Rowena King in Wide Sargasso Sea commented by
Wow! What a beauty! Love the full frontal nude.

7:44 PM - Movie/TV Show Slaughter High commented by FistFuckFamilyCBT
Some more trivia: * Simon Scuddamore who played Marty died of an intentional drug overdose shortly after filming. The killer in later scenes is writer/director Mark Ezra wearing the jester mask. * Shooting was stopped one day by the American Secret Service. One of their pyrotechnics alarmed the Secret Service who were near by on security detail for President Ronald Reagan who was visiting England at the time. * Although most of the cast was English and were affecting fake American accents, Donna Yeager (who played Stella) was American. She is from Texas, a graduate of Rice University, and was working in England with a repertory theater company at the time of filming. Viewers still mistook her for faking an American accent. * The interior of the high school was actually a condemned grammar school. Lockers had to be added since English schools rarely have lockers, but the filmmakers were permitted to set off explosives and set it on fire, since it was scheduled to be demolished anyway. The exterior of the high school was actually shot at an abandoned mental asylum. * Carol's extended chase scene towards the end was added during filming when the directors realized their 90-page script would only come to about 75 minutes. The sequence was largely improvised and conceived on the spot. * Caroline Munro (Carol) was dating director George Dugdale at the time the film was made. They kept their relationship a secret during filming and later married. They are still married to this day and have a couple of children together. * The directors tried to get Telly Savalas and then Peter Lawford to play the gym coach but both wanted too much money. * The interior of Carol's apartment belonged to Paul Raymond. The exterior was where Caroline Munro actually lived at the time. * A significant portion of Manfredini's score in this film is from his previous work on the Friday The 13th film series.

7:38 PM - Movie/TV Show Slaughter High commented by FistFuckFamilyCBT
Some trivia: * The films working title was "April Fool's Day", however the title was changed to keep Slaughter High from being confused with the Paramount film April Fool's Day, which was released the same year as Slaughter High in 1986. * Caroline Munro was 36 years old when starred in Slaughter High where she played a teenage heroine. * As of 2018, Japan is the only country to have a home video release of the film under its original title of April Fool's Day. * A poster of Pieces is visible on the porno movie manager's office wall when he's talking with Carol over the phone. * The film was shot in England with actors adopting American accents to give the impression that it took place in the USA. Furthermore, in the UK, April Fool's Day ends at noon. In the UK, if one plays a prank after noon they are deemed the "fool". The filmmakers were unaware that America doesn't follow this tradition and April Fool's Day is in fact an all-day event rather than a half day event. * Writer/ directors George Dugdale and Peter Litten said they were both concerned that working on the film may have added to Simon Scuddmore's suicidal mental state. Simon's mother, however, told the at the funeral that Simon had been dealing with depression and actually one of the main sources of joy he took toward the end was going to work on the film.

7:37 PM - Celebrity Whitney Cummings commented by al112
It looks like she got a boob job. She had small breasts in 2012 and suddenly in 2015 they grew up lol

7:02 PM - Clip Lexa Doig Nude in The Arrangement commented by Riker
Great scene! I hope she does a lot more like this.

5:21 AM - Live Naked Carly Chaikin commented by atilla13
second picture is not loading

2:10 AM - Clip Frankie Shaw Nude in Bad Peter commented by DocJay
what the fuck?

1:11 AM - Appearance Naked Unknown 2826 in Les clientes commented by comicbookguy
Quite the little hottie!

1:06 AM - Celebrity Marilyn Jess commented by comicbookguy
Awesome pale skin!

1:01 AM - Appearance Naked Ruth Wilson in The Affair commented by comicbookguy
Nice pale skin and small boobs!

30 June

9:48 PM - Celebrity Mary Lou Retton commented by johnsonjack12
Please Let Me Add Pictures Of Mary Lou Retton.

9:47 PM - Celebrity Carly Patterson commented by johnsonjack12
Please Let Me Add Pictures Of Carly Patterson.

6:55 PM - Clip Mia Kirshner Nude in Not Another Teen Movie commented by
Not nude. Sexy negligee and nice cleavage.

6:53 PM - Appearance Naked Mia Kirshner in Not Another Teen Movie commented by
Not nude. Sexy bra.

6:47 PM - Appearance Naked Cerina Vincent in Not Another Teen Movie commented by
Smoking hot (CFNF, CMNF, Exhibitionist, Nude in Public)!

6:45 PM - Appearance Naked Chyler Leigh in Not Another Teen Movie commented by
Not nude but she's a cuttie.

6:44 PM - Live Naked Chyler Leigh commented by
Not nude but some nice teasing sexy shots.

6:43 PM - Clip Chyler Leigh Nude in Not Another Teen Movie commented by
Not nude but cute dancing around in those purple panties.

6:38 PM - Clip Katie Lohmann Nude in Dead Sexy commented by Rockout1995
Katie got fucked real good in this clip.

10:13 AM - Question putrr7 redirects is making this site horrendous commented by tivenixuv
Add "" (without quotes) to your adblock/ublock filters. It's java script that changes all urls to puttr7 redirects. I understand that servers don't come for free, but those redirects make website totally unusable. Not to mention that my antivirus software shows puttr7 redirects as virus/trojan attacks.

29 June

11:21 PM - Celebrity Laura de la Isla commented by al112
By they way they shooted the scene, it looks like it was a double, it wasn't actually her, sadly.

8:01 PM - Celebrity Valentina Lodovini commented by JimTheSailor
This woman is incredibly sexy!