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Emma Watson nude

27 years

Emma Watson nude

Nude appearances: 16

Real name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Place of birth: Paris

Country of birth: France

Date of birth: April 15, 1990

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ForTheFunStuff (11/20/2016), 1991Tyrrell020Honda (03/28/2017), bot (03/30/2011)

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Reaperman88 Apr 8, 2017 | 0

No. Those are 32B, same as Emma. Just compare the tub pics with those of Emma in a red see-thru dress that has what I think some flower design/pattern all over it. The red dress pics can be found in Misc. (currently are labeled Pic #300-324-ish). Emma's boobs are similar size to the boobs in the tub pics. Plus the nipples match in size.

Reaperman88 Apr 8, 2017 | 1

Pretty sure it's her in the tub pics. Compare them to the see-thru pics of her in the red flowered like dress in the miscellaneous pics. Boobs match. It almost looks like the red dress ones are just the tub ones covered. That's how close they are. The only thing that I noticed that seems to possibly debunk it is her is the shape of her belly button. The real Emma has a more circular belly button. The girl in the tub seems to have a a less circular one and looks like the belly button "stretches" vertically. Plus the real Emma has some skin that looks like it kind of covers the belly button at the top. The girl in the tub doesn't have that. But the pics and videos aren't that great of quality and she is underwater, plus bubbles kind of get in the way from getting a good look. So it messes with her belly button a little. I've seen pics of her lying down, slouching, or stretching while sitting up and her belly button stays the same circular shape and doesn't "stretch" like the girl's belly button in the tub. But with all the moles, scars, and birthmarks that people mention along with body shape/figure, and noticing the similar boobs/nipple size and shape in the red dress pics, I'm about 95% sure it's her. This is coming from someone that doesn't want to believe it's her since she is someone a lot of people have been waiting to see naked/nude and there have been tons of fake nudes of her over the years posted on the internet. So to finally get real nudes after the many years of fakes? Kind of hard to believe. It's possible someone could be trying to be her, and it's possible to use waterproof makeup to add the moles, birthmarks, and scars. There are people that are crazy enough to spend money on surgery to look like celebs. But I'm pretty sure it's her. Everything but the belly button shape matches, but the only times you can get a clear look is when her stomach is underwater.

horneddad Apr 2, 2017 | 0

But it is. A scar of sorts between her naval and left hip, and a mole on her right rib cage match up exactly. It's her

rprotz Apr 5, 2017 | 0

wow, scars, really? tub girl has bigger tits also.

pkidearaj Apr 3, 2017 | -1

it fails in FA its not her

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