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Ivana Shein in Psychopaths (2017)
Barbara Mills in Sweet Georgia (1972)
Linda Tuomenvirta in Raja (2014)
Lydia Chanel in Rêves de cuir 2 (1993)
Stacy Evans in Desires Within Young Girls (1977)
Brooke West in Sweet Captive (1979)
Verena Altenberger in Der Hafenpastor und das Blaue vom Himmel (2016)
Dominique Félix in Nuits très chaudes aux Caraïbes (1979)
Maren Scholz in Engel mit schmutzigen Flügeln (2010)
Annie Friedmann in Le pied! (1975)
Soma Pysall in Beat (2018)
Claudia Martini in Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse (0)
Clara Huet in Christ(Off) (0)
Anaïs Fabre in Caïn (2012)
Annie Wersching in The Other Mother (0)
Frankie in Naked Attraction (2016)
Tammy Jean in Sociopathia (2015)
Lisa Taylor in Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)
Jennifer Lothrop in Love Her Madly (2000)
Teresa Simon in Meat Market (2000)
Shea Alexander in Ghosts Never Sleep (2005)
Wendii Fulford in Because Why (1993)
Marilyn Monroe in Bus Stop (1956)
Amy Desta in Switch Killer (2005)
Greta Danielle Newgren in Bartleby (2001)
Marina de Van in See the Sea (1997)
Joy Michael in Johnny Dangerously (1984)
LoriDawn Messuri in Sunsplit (1997)
Lacey Kohl in Dead Simple (2001)
Melissa Renée Martin in The Surge (2001)
Lexi Bloom in The Friend Zone (2012)
Jennifer JJ. Wilder in Scarlet Moon (2006)
Letícia Persiles in A Segunda Vez (2014)
Evelina Bledans in Proklyatiy Ray (2006)
Melissa Price in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)
Rossana Ghessa in A Pantera Nua (1979)
Petra Bryant in The Disappearance of Lenka Wood (2014)
Ivana Roscic in A Wonderful Night in Split (2004)
Larisa Shakhvorostova in Bich bozhiy (1988)