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Gloria Jara in La Liga - Paraguay (2014)
Beverly Lynne in Curse of the Erotic Tiki (2004)
Beverly Lynne in Voodoo Dollz (2008)
Beverly Lynne in Voodoo Dollz (2008)
Darian Caine in Lust for Dracula (2004)
Erin Heatherton in The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 (2012)
Lyvia Bauer in Gebissen wird nur nachts (1971)
Simona Pinsone in Belle da morire (2002)
Martina Adamcova in Nahota na prodej (1993)
Liza Seneca in The Drama Club (2017)
Lynn Theel in Humanoids from the Deep (1980)
Unknown in The Night Watchman (2016)
Raychel Diane Weiner in Flesh and Bone (2015)
Unknown in Don't Answer the Phone! (1980)
Guadalupe in La guerra de los sostenes (1976)
Mirna Bel in El marqués, la menor y el travesti (1983)
Amy Ciupek in Distiller (2016)
Unknown Latina in Dios Inc. (2016)
Francesca Farinacci in Komm nur, mein liebstes Vögelein (1968)
Jackie Easton in Vicious Lips (1986)
Magda Makri in Confessions of a Lesbos Honey (1975)
Sofya Skya in My Stepdaughter (2015)
Joni Durian in Invalid (2015)
Patti Chambers in Psychos in Love (1987)
Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963)
Alma Andersson Santiago in he Way Back Will Be Longer (2014)
Jessie St. James in Blue Confessions (1983)
Hyapatia Lee in Let's Get Physical (1984)
Lynn Harris in Naked Afternoon (1976)
Bron White in Candy Stripers (1978)
Lysa Thatcher in American Desire (1981)
Rene Bond in The Danish Connection (1974)
Mia Amber Davis in Road Trip (2000)
Nadja Soukup in Tatort (1970)
Andi Tecec in The Scheme (2000)
Tanek Seranek in Dead Eyes Open (2008)
Ginger Lynn in Vice Academy 3 (1991)
Molly Griffith in Chapter 27 (2007)
Georgina Donovan in Green River Killer (2005)