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Lucélia Santos in Luz del Fuego (1982)
Brooke Harmon in Headland (2005)
Suzy Markovski in Dace Decklan: Private Eye (2011)
Sheila Marquez in Miscellaneous (2017)
Sabrina Machado in Never Surrender (2009)
Penélope Sáenz in Miscellaneous (2017)
Natalia Graciano in Miscellaneous (2017)
Anna Kournikova in Miscellaneous (2017)
Katie Price in Granada Men & Motors (0)
Nancy Ison in Cindy and Donna (1970)
Jodie Fisher in Intimate Obsession (1992)
Shauna O'Brien in Voyeur (1999)
Lucélia Santos in Luz del Fuego (1982)
Samara Weaving in Home and Away (1988)
Tábata Jalil in Miscellaneous (2017)
Natalia Saenz in Miscellaneous (2017)
Amy Ried in Busty Cops Go Hawaiian (2010)
Jessica Sonneborn in Never Open the Door (2014)
Nora Larraga in Un nuevo modo de amar (1968)
Anna Travers in Dr. Christina of Sweden (1970)
Eva Muller in 24 horas de vida (1969)
Maria Raber in Josefine Mutzenbacher (1970)
Christine Schuberth in Josefine Mutzenbacher II (1971)
Monika Rebel in Abbronzatissimi (1991)
Hannah in The Malibu Bikini Shop (1986)
Courtney Abbott in Act Naturally (2011)
Susan May Pratt in Act Naturally (2011)
Daniella Short in Banshee (2013)
Lucia Modugno in Le notti peccaminose di Pietro l'Aretino (1972)
Jillian Toby in Night Watcher (2008)
Amalia Stifter in Sweet Thing (2000)
Kristina St. Clair in Countryman (1982)
Kristina Spotts in Corrupted Minds (2006)
Shana Sosin in Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace (2004)
Marie-Ève Bertrand in Mariages (2001)
Thais Valdés in Nada+ (2001)
Cherilee Taylor in Leaving Metropolis (2002)
Lynn A. Freedman in Godspeed (2009)
Marta Molins in Barcelona Sur (1981)