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Jessica Jane Clement in Miscellaneous (2017)
Andrea Veresova in Miscellaneous (2017)
Yolanda Beckham in The Dicktator (1974)
Lyndon Smith in Bleed (II) (2016)
Jeanne Darville in Relations (1969)
Dianne Steinberg in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978)
Britney Spears in Britney Spears Live from Miami (2004)
Deanna Gritsonis in Drawing Blood (2005)
Suzette Vargas in Crooked (2006)
Shana Sosin in Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace (2004)
Britney Spears in E! True Hollywood Story (1996)
Courtney Lercara in Killing Spree (1987)
April Monique Burril in The Chainsaw Sally Show ()
Estelle Bermudez in Mexican Blow (2002)
Catherine Barlow in The Brink (2003)
Kasey L. Jones in Only in America (2005)
Pamela Anderson in V.I.P. (1998)
Thais Valdés in Nada+ (2001)
Melissa Siblia in Dingle, Barry (2005)
Kahena Saighi in Fabio Montale ()
Corinne Jenner in Who Is Cletis Tout? (2001)
Emily Hillier in Gentlemen's Relish (2001)
Jade Henham in Looking Through Lillian (2002)
Donna Rae Hazlewood in Bothered (1993)
Mutsumi Fujita in Screwed (1998)
Ariana Fronti in Dark Town (2004)
Olga Ravassi in Normal (2003)
Michele Forman in Midnight Kiss (1993)
Natasha Pachano in The Dawn (2006)
Margo Norton in Murder à la Mod (1968)
Yvette Duncan in Garage Days (2002)
Spanky Doll in Bloodspit (2005)
Mariana Ruggiero in Meus Dias de Rock (2014)
Andrea García in Miscellaneous (2017)
Marcela Pezet in Mi generación (1997)
Alison Whyte in Satisfaction Australia (2007)
Alba Valéria in Crazy - Um Dia Muito Louco (1981)
Claire Coffee in Miscellaneous (2017)
Helena Ramos in Iracema, a Virgem dos Lábios de Mel (1979)