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Anjanette Clewis in Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen (2008)
Jane Chase in Sixteen Tongues (1999)
Yana Barsky in The Wounded (2003)
Nory Wright in Hustler Squad (1976)
Anna Ammirati in Frivolous Lola (1998)
Alison Cuffe in Fraternity Demon (1992)
Karmen Karma in Miscellaneous (2017)
Jane Arakawa in Street Trash (1987)
Malu Mader in Top Model (1989)
Nana Gouvêa in Boa Noite Brasil ()
Nikki Marie in Deviant Vixens I (2001)
Unknown 5217 in Das liebestolle Internat (1982)
Sara Vallés in Antes de morir piensa en mí (2008)
Tania Riquenes in Miscellaneous (2017)
Marie Brahimi in L' Autre monde (2001)
Lucia Peralta in Los caraduros (1983)
European unknowns in An Ambiguous Report About the End of the World (1997)
Katherine Hicks in Black & White & Sex (2012)
Renata Banhara in Carnaval Brazil ()
Carmen De Luz in Miscellaneous (2017)
Mona Gillen in Brushing Teeth in Undies: The Best of Liv Films (2008)
Michelle Bass in Miscellaneous (2017)
Samantha Hill in Bad Meat 2011 (2011)
Kate Vernon in Dangerous Touch (1994)
Angelina Dekker in Fire in Her Bed (II) (2009)
Rita Guedes in Despedida de Solteiro (1992)
Amber Seyer in Playboy Video Magazine, Volume 10 (1986)
Helena Ramos in Iracema, a Virgem dos Lábios de Mel (1979)
Samara Weaving in Home and Away (1988)
Débora Comba in Miscellaneous (2017)
Juliana Knust in Achados e Perdidos (2007)
Laura Viña in Miscellaneous (2017)
Dedé Veloso in O Cinema Falado (1986)
Laura McLean in Love Bite (2012)
Ingrid Coronado in Miscellaneous (2017)
Morgane Paton in Les Colocataires (2004)
Eleonora Giorgi in Grand Hotel Excelsior (1982)
Lorena Gala in Tropicalisima (2012)
Zaira Zambelli in Fim de Festa (1978)