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Pilar Pellicer in El festín de la loba (1972)
Nadiuska in La amante perfecta (1976)
Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot (1959)
Angie Everhart in Welcome to Hollywood (2000)
Dianna Miranda in Valentina's Tango (2007)
Jeannine Mestre in Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974)
Karen Wexler in Night Owl (1993)
Clark Hayes in Double Entente (1994)
Jessica Bohl in You Are Alone (2005)
Juliet Berto in Sex-shop (1973)
Michelle Bauer in Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula (1998)
Sarah Lassez in Mad Cowgirl (2006)
Hanna Tevita in Fresh Meat (2012)
Michelle Gonzalez in Queremos Mas (2011)
Griffin Drew in Bedtime Stories (2000)
Chalie Howes in No Tell Motel (2012)
Juliana Alves in Duas Caras (2007)
Alba Valéria in Crazy - Um Dia Muito Louco (1981)
Andréa Beltrão in Pedra Sobre Pedra (1992)
Jasia Flores in Queremos Mas (2011)
Traci Bingham in Baywatch (1989)
Yekaterina Kmit in To the Last Limit (1991)
Victoria Pratt in Once a Thief (1996)
Camila Morgado in O Canto da Sereia (2013)
Krista Nell in Sanguisuga conduce la danza (1975)
Susan Shepard in The Sore Losers (1997)
Tomi Luutsford in Secret Needs (1999)
Gee Gentell in The Lustful Turk (1968)
Valentina Velasquez in Daughters of Lesbos (1968)
Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Witches of East End (2013)
Sunny in Eaten Alive: A Tasteful Revenge (1999)
Renata Banhara in Carnaval Brazil (1932)
Angela Reino in Aberraciones sexuales de un diputado (1982)
Evelyn Raess in Der Ostfriesen Report (1973)
Elly Stefanko in Huff (2013)
Andrea Saavedra in American Bad Boy (2015)
Alexandra Park in The Royals (2015)
Flavia Keyt in Siegfried und das sagenhafte Liebesleben der Nibelungen (1971)
Kendra Leigh Timmins in Lost After Dark (2014)