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May 17, 2018, 11:04:26 PM 1 answer(s) Type: General

Can't view content because of commecial popups

This is getting annoying.
Every time I want to view something I get thousands of messages from other sites.
I understand that this is what makes this site free, but after ten times of getting rid of these popups I get tired of them.

If ones every ten views there is a commercial popup, this would be fine, but not 20 times before I can see content..

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shibbyman23 May 28, 2018 | 0

The owners of the site have stop caring about it. Quote from the 'About us' page "In order to follow this hard and challenging way, without any thoughts of earning money on it, since we haven’t placed any ad, banner or other commercial material." This is not true anymore, seems now they only care about getting money from it. They only spend maybe 15-25 minutes a day manually checking pics/clips before approving to the site. There are hundreds of new content uploaded by users that are waiting to be approved/added to the site by administration... Even a trusted uploader like me has to wait, although I've helped this site's ranking go up around 1200 places on the global website ranking in the past 3 months.