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Jul 24, 2017, 9:42:38 AM 3 answer(s) Type: General


A few requests to all fellow members.

1) Search before you create new shows/movie/actress. If someone has created a duplicate, do not post in that one aswell. Report it.

2) if you're changing profile pictures, change them for the better ones not some random full body shot where you barely see the face

3) profile pics are 144x200 px, use paint to crop, it's not that hard, takes about 10 seconds.

4) most characters have a name, hop onto, don't be lazy and mark everyone down as n/a. I get you're in hurry to rack up points but it's not a competition, take a minute and Google.

5) learn what voyeur/peeping, accidental nudity, taboo sex etc mean. DON'T MARK THEM AT EVERY DAMN APPEARANCE!

6) there is no cake

7) MOST IMPORTANT! DO NOT UPLOAD GIF IMAGES! THEY BREAK THIS SITE! Error (#8) is caused by uploading gifs.

PS: I'm not a mod, I'm not an admin, I'm just a contributing member like you. I'd just like this place look clean and be the best it can be.

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TouchmeGently Aug 4, 2017 | 0

honestly waiting on the stuff I add to be approved just makes me not want to submit content anymore, took like 2 weeks for just one of my added images to get through

shibbyman23 Jul 30, 2017 | 0

1) Does admin even get the log messages you put when you update appearances with new content? 2) Why don't the reviews of a celebrity show up on the page? It only shows up when you go to edit the page. 3) Why don't the reviews of appearances show up on the page of that appearance? It also only shows when you go to edit the appearance. 4) Why do the contributors/updates show as added by another user when the content that appears is the content that you added first? and just for laughs: 5) Why does it show up that I added some appearances in 2013 when I didn't even know this site existed in 2013 haha?

salad Jul 25, 2017 | 0

The admins should fix the age thing.