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Jun 30, 2015, 7:18:21 AM / atestblogger0 Comments

The Weekly Report 6/30/2015

Welcome back to the Weekly report. This was a good week in TV nudity no mistake. <br><br><br>Over at Starz! We have another good nude scene from "Power" featuring La La Anthony. I'm looking forward to seeing this girl nude more often. <br><br><br>On Penny Dreadful over at Showtime, we have another look at a naked messed up vampire. Obviously, there is nothing sexier than a half carved bald vampire chick sent from Satan to consume you're soul. <br><br><br> Deutschland 83, the first ever forign language show to ever be aired on U.S television has arrived, bringing with it a nice nude scene from the sexy Sonja Gerhardt. <br><br><br>That raps up this entry into the Weekly Report, as always I will keep an eye on TV nudity and keep you guys informed; take care! - William Watson

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