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Best TV shows for Nudity P1

Nudity. Such a simple thing; aren't we all nude every day? At least once? Its a natural thing after all. Yet for some reason; it sells like Hotcakes. It fact, my nearest Ihop went under and a strip club opened up there. It literally sells more than syrupy goodness. The mother's union complained; the father's union decided it was best to protest this new establishment from the inside.

<br><br> #10: Rome (HBO)

<br><br>Rome was a huge success for HBO; one of their first truly epic series. Rome was many things; historically inaccurate, beautiful sets, greating acting and of course; good T&A. Whiter it be Polly Walker, the big-tity momma of the future dick-tator of Roma, or her sexy as all hell daughter Kerry Condon. There wasn't a great deal of nudity in Rome (at least compared to other shows on the list) but what little there was; it was fantasticly done.

<br><br>As with most HBO shows; most of the nudity is in the first season, but there are also great other scenes in the second season as well; most certainly a must see.

<br><br><br> #9 Shameless (Showtime)

<br><br> Shameless... They are utterly shameless... I love it! Emmy Rossum has done more topless scenes than Snoop Dog has been high, backed up by the always sexy Laura Wiggins. A all-around great show for nudity.

<br><br> Showtime rarely lets you down; this show keeps up the record. If you like emmy rossum and love seeing topless, fucking in the back of a squad-car; this show is for you.

<br><br><br> #8 Californication (Showtime)

<br><br> Another great entry into this multiple part series. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. This show features every kinky thing you can think of. From Wild threesoms to Nuns in a church. Er, Pace yourself watching show.

<br><br> Another showtime boob-tastic show. Certainly a great one for anyone looking for nudity.

<br><br><br> See you guys later on P2 of The Best TV shows for Nudity! -William Watson.

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