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Naked Brooke Shields (~13 years) in Pretty Baby (1978)
In this scene Brooke Shields was ~13 years

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Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby (1978)

Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby (1978)

Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby (1978)

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Leshiy133 Reply

Great role, she is so sweet!

pilot_310 Reply

She remind me of my younger sister...lolzz

flocontrol Reply

My Favorite Lolita.!

Krendall Reply

Are we allowed to upload the nude clips or not? I'm not sure what the policy is here.

Krendall Reply

Some of the pics posted were from a photoshoot done at around the same time as Pretty Baby, but weren't from the movie itself. I moved those to the Miscelleneous section.

ThePornClub Reply

delete this pedophilia

mungy Reply

Who wants to see this shit??? Take them down .

willydihar Reply

beautiful, thanks for uploading :-)

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